Day 1 - new beginnings

After a very mad and crazy few months I have decided to come back to what I love! ’ body for life ‘

My operation left me unable to train and while I tried to train just after it left me in agony and having to return back to the doctors ! I can still hear her words in my head…

" you have just got to be lazy for the next 6 weeks"

And here I am.. Back

I had to weight myself this morning..

99.7 kgs - it’s not 103 as before, but it’s still not great! So theres some motivation for me!

And that’s it! It’s just me - this blog - my home gym and a great book (BFL)

Let’s get on with it!

November the 1st 2011

Proud to work for such an amazing company

Proud to work for such an amazing company

Day 30

Today is not about me it’s about my boss Steve Jobs… Rest in peace.

You make my working day a joy.
I have a dream job and in 4 years I have never once ‘had a bad day’

I hate the thought of never getting the chance to meet you as one day I always thought I REALLY would.

We at Apple carry your torch now and forever

Thank you x

Day 29

Hello! I jumped straight back into it last night with an upperbody workout!

I had forgotten what was involved so had to take my bible (body for life book) into the garage with me!

I found most of the exercises easy and struggled only with my bicep one! Damn! I need to work harder!!!

I wasn’t sure if I would ‘restart’ may day counter back to ‘day 1’ as it feels like a lifetime away from my workouts!
But I figure that I’m now wearing 34 jeans and not 36” waist jeans and I do feel ‘different’ and believe I should (& you) should always move forward!!

Lots of hard work ahead, keep taking the stairs and drinking the water..

It’s good to be back x


Hello! It’s been a long two weeks!

We last spoke just before I headed off to the U.S (17th sep) it’s now October 3rd! What’s been going on?

The moment I landed in San Francisco I fell ill. Probably due to being so run down, the flight was delayed by 5hrs and let’s not talk about the 11hour flight time. I was awake for 23hrs on the first day :(

On my return (feeling alittle better) I came home to a pre planned operation which has taken me off my feet for the past 6 days!

I’m still in pain when I walk now!

The good news!

I’m now 97.5kgs Down from my initial 103.5kg starting weight

I now fit into 34” jeans down from my 36” !!!

What now?

I am going to try some upperbody stuff tonight but I’m unsure when I’m fit to ‘run’

I’ll keep you posted!

I’m back

Let’s talk tomorrow?

"The brick walls aren’t there to keep us out, the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something."

-R Pausch


I’m on a train traveling to London - then onto San francisco - im not sure at which point today I’m going to be doing a workout ? My flight is 11 hours! Ekk!

I’m going to keep posting here thou!

See you on the other side of the lake!

Day 27 - Weigh day

Lost 1.1kg (2.43lbs) this week.

Week 4 complete.

That’s 5.7kgs (12.5 lbs) in total so far!

So I was wrong? I’m still dropping it!

Today is my free day and I’m going out with my family tonight as it’s my sons 18th tomorrow! It’s a really nice Indian restaurant. Otherwise I’m being ’ good’ today!

My wife Is being quite vocal now about how I used to look.. This keeps me positive and pushes me forward.

I tried on some old tee’s last night and they (nearly) all fit, which again is awesome.. So I’m going in the right direction.

Day 26

LBWO last night, I really find this a chore now! It’s not as much fun as UBWO at all!! So after I finished I did a few reps on my shoulders and biceps and triceps!!! Then I felt better!!

Legs really hurt today! Damn

Tomorrow is weigh in day, I’m starting to wonder if this will be the end of my big weight loss? I’m feeling ‘chunky’ :)

And of course Saturday is 24 hours of traveling as I head off to the U.S!

Need to keep strong while I’m away! Lots of temptation.

Keep safe x

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